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Wrapping up the Year of Streaming 2015

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Oh chat. What a year this has been. What a crazy, awesome, super cool, unpredictably wonderful year. I want to share with you some statistics to show off just how much has happened this year. Let's look back on how far we've come.

Our Year of Streaming Timeline

It begins in January 2015: It's a new year for DC. We want to do something different... something we've never done before. YouTube is a dead end, nobody has time for it and nobody...

Fall Fright Fest begins with RETURN TO SPACE FUNERAL! + General Updates

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As we wrap up the Streams of Summer, we are excited to begin working on and announcing the things we have in store for the remainder of 2015, starting with the new FALL FRIGHT FEST block of streams!

First, head over to the YouTube channel to see this new announcement/update video. It's mainly for the folks who are still camping out on the YouTube expecting to see videos uploaded regularly.. something we will no longer be doing.

An update on the status of our YouTube channel

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You may have noticed that content has been sparse, and that’s for a lot of reasons. To those who are wondering, here’s your answers.

First of all, each member of DC is living an adult life, and are working (some full-time, others multiple jobs, others towards a college degree) to survive, just like normal people.
This means two things. 1 - We have less time to devote to recording footage, and 2 - We have less time to devote to...

Lovestream 2015 #hitboxFAVE Feature

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Dubz and Hepna have managed to accomplish their goal of meeting 100+ viewers at a stream 5 months earlier than projected. It all started one night when FLGHawkeye, the North American hitbox representative, visited one of the Dying Light streams. After he spoke with us a bit, he gave DC a feature spot on hitbox's front page.

This was just the beginning of what would turn into something even more spectacular.

The Year of Streaming begins with Dead Space 2!

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Hey Cinnemites! Your pleas have been heard, and OP has made big plans to deliver!

That's right, it's happening. Maybe not in the same way people would have expected, but nontheless we will have the anticipated "DubzSpace 2" let's play, performed LIVE for all to see on Hitbox. The series' schedule is still somewhat TBA, but we are definitely going to be streaming EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. We plan to make one day a fan interaction...

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