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Lovestream 2015 #hitboxFAVE Feature

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Dubz and Hepna have managed to accomplish their goal of meeting 100+ viewers at a stream 5 months earlier than projected. It all started one night when FLGHawkeye, the North American hitbox representative, visited one of the Dying Light streams. After he spoke with us a bit, he gave DC a feature spot on hitbox's front page.

This was just the beginning of what would turn into something even more spectacular.

The Year of Streaming begins with Dead Space 2!

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Hey Cinnemites! Your pleas have been heard, and OP has made big plans to deliver!

That's right, it's happening. Maybe not in the same way people would have expected, but nontheless we will have the anticipated "DubzSpace 2" let's play, performed LIVE for all to see on Hitbox. The series' schedule is still somewhat TBA, but we are definitely going to be streaming EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. We plan to make one day a fan interaction...


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We originally planned the Hallo-stream for this year to be the usual gig, but when Extra Life was brought to our attention, we instead decided to really do something special with it.

At first we thought "man, we'd be happy to get even just $100 for this fundraiser," but you guys blew that out of the water.
We ended up raising $350 in donations from our fans for Boston Children's Hospital.
That is truly impressive. You guys all have our...

Coming Out of Hiding

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Hey friends!

The time has come to try to revive the site and the forums. I've not got an incredible amount of time to do stuff but I'm definitely gonna try... and I'm definitely going to be here contributing what I can.

For those who DO have some spare time, I have a call to action for you all.
Let's get some conversation going here again. Let's keep the DC community alive.
I want to give away FREE STUFF to people who get involved.

Update 1: Smooth and fragile

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I'm on time. I'm on time and so are projects I've announced in the summer stream last sunday... which I've stopped working on right now and haven't been completely done before that. I'm always on time.
To be more specific: I've killed another section of the forum by replacing it with a new feature. But as always: Stuff may be broken. If so, tell me where. (And the OS + browser-combination you use would be nice. Describing how to reproduce the...

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